Tatiana Shanks

20 year old Tatiana Shanks grew up in sunny Los Angeles, California where she developed her interest in photography, modelling, acting, and film making. Her fascination with art began when she first discovered what a paintbrush could do, but as she was getting older, she naturally became more interested in photography, and later on started editing home “movies.” 

Tatiana enrolled to West Vancouver Secondary School, and later on would start her last 2 years in high school being homeschooled at Self Design which pulled her focus even more towards photography and film projects. She began working for 3 American clothing companies, MissBehave Girls, Modiste Youth Contemporary and Penelope Tree in 2015 as a social media manager and a photographer.

Although photography is what she says to be well associated with, she wants to prove to Hollywood that young women can do anything behind the camera. 

During her last year in high school, Tatiana wrote, produced and directed what would be her first short film, “Far Away Places” that was shot in Tahiti when she was 18 years old, and has received 21 awards from around the world. Tatiana is constantly writing, and plans to make her portfolio bigger and better with her love for movies.