Tatiana Shanks

I began working for three American clothing companies, MissBehave Girls, Modiste Youth Contemporary and Penelope Tree in 2015. I then started my 12th grade Homeschool year at Self Design which pulled my focus more towards Photography and Film projects.

My interest for Art began when I first discovered what a paintbrush could do, but I realized later on that my passion for Photography and Editing were getting to be much more serious as I was getting older.

Although Photography is what I’m well associated with, in the future I want a career as a Director. I’m an ambitious 20 year old and a quick learner with a creative outlook just itching to learn more, while still playing around trying to find my own style. 

During my last year of high school, I wrote and directed my first short film "Far Away Places" that was shot in Tahiti when I was 18 years old.